Songs of the Moment

SOTM1 – The Chefs – Records and Tea

Helen McCookerybook’s initial foray into punk music was one that caught the ear of none other than John Peel. But, under The Chefs name, apparently not many others did. Tracks like this, ‘Sad Boy Style’ and most notably, ‘Thrush’ have the same humorously self-aware, raw sound that could hold them up alongside the likes of X-Ray Spex or The Slits.

“Records & (Beer) are all life means to me…”
SOTM2 – Chet Atkins & Dolly Parton – Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

The original recording of Dolly Parton’s famous “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” features the magnificent guitar plucking and backing vocals of Chet Atkins. This significantly less 80s country-y version of the song is much more stripped down, featuring only the two legendary singers and their guitars. It’s upbeat, sweet and makes for an uplifting treat for the ears.
SOTM3 – Bobby Darin – Me and Mr.Hohner

With instrumentals and a structure that sounds like the backing to a mid-nineties Beck track fused with Lee Brilleaux’s sweat, and vocals akin to the sort of modern day blues artist you’d see celebrated on a tee shirt over a middle aged man’s beer belly, one of the last people I was expecting to see on the album cover was the man responsible for swing classic “Beyond The Sea”. What makes it even more surreal is that the lyrics depict Darin standing on a street corner slinging marijuana. Peculiar stuff… 

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