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Bauhaus – Hackney Brewery

And so, we return! This time, with a little more time to think about what I’m doing, you can expect fortnightly long readers such as this one that I haven’t rushed out ten minutes before I post it! This fortnight’s can comes specially recommended by Leigh-On-Sea’s own Hoppily, a fantastic local craft beer shop and... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Spinning Bottles in 2019

Hello again! I’m soon returning from an unofficial hiatus induced by a Christmas period of heavy drinking and a gut that was begging for a break with a slightly new angle for Spinning Bottles in 2019. With work commitments taking up a lot of my spare time, I often find myself unable to produce the... Continue Reading →

St. Austell – Carly Rae Jepsen

BEER STYLE: LAGER ALBUM GENRE: POP Hear me out. The bottle beside me this week is St. Austell Brewery’s Korev. It’s a Helles style lager that I unwrapped as part of an impromptu makeshift beer advent calendar that my girlfriend lovingly made after I, fortunately, missed out on a pre-packaged one. (Okay?)  Since becoming a... Continue Reading →

Kyle Craft – To Øl

ALBUM GENRE: Rock, retro stylings. BEER STYLE: Gose. To say I’m not a fan of over inflated 70s hair rock is probably an understatement. So, when I first heard the thunderously high-pitched screech of Kyle Craft’s vocals, and saw the man’s ridiculously volumous locks, I quickly reached for the skip button… Anyway, this week’s bottle... Continue Reading →

Mac DeMarco – Oakham

ALBUM GENRE: INDIE ROCK BEER STYLE: GOLDEN ALE Apologies to my usual source of beer, The Crafty Half, as this week’s bottle comes from a short-dated items shelf at my local Co-Op. This week’s post looks at discounts and freebies, as the relations become even more tenuous. Entering the Co-Op, looking for a bottle of... Continue Reading →

Billy Bragg – Wibblers

ALBUM GENRE: ROCK (FOLK...?) BEER STYLE: ALE Wibblers: Daft Name, Great Beer! This second bottle (not of fresh mango juice, unfortunately…) from this month’s mystery box is from a relatively local brewery to me, brewing out of Southminster, Essex. Wibblers’ Vanguard is a light brown ale, brewed in aid of a good cause: the restoration... Continue Reading →

Alex Cameron – Fourpure

  ALBUM GENRE: ROCK (SOFT, INDIE) BEER STYLE: IPA (HAZY, FRUITY) A couple of years ago, I worked a few days in my local record shop, lending a hand while other staff were away. Pete, Fives Records’ long-standing owner, asked me to choose a record from the recent arrivals to play. Sifting through them, feeling... Continue Reading →

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