UPDATE: Spinning Bottles in 2019

Hello again! I’m soon returning from an unofficial hiatus induced by a Christmas period of heavy drinking and a gut that was begging for a break with a slightly new angle for Spinning Bottles in 2019. With work commitments taking up a lot of my spare time, I often find myself unable to produce the content I’d like to produce every week. As such, I’m moving the long posts to once every two weeks. A monumental disappointment for all of you doting fans of mine, I’m sure. Do not fear, however! In place of this, I plan to make two/three short posts a week looking at songs that I’m into at the minute and the history of their artists.

I’ll be kicking all of this off next week, starting Tuesday 15th January with the first of my Songs of The Moment. To those of you who’ve been supporting me and reading my content so far, I appreciate every click you give and every word you read and believe me they don’t go unnoticed.

Here’s to growing more and possibly drinking slightly less in 2019! Cheers!


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