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Here for the beer? It’s here.

Fourpure – Southern Latitude

Fourpure’s fruity, light and hazy IPA is an easy drinker. It’s paired with Alex Cameron’s 2017 ‘Forced Witness’.

Oakham – Scarlet Macaw

Oakham’s citrusy golden ale had an undesirable hint of bitterness. But at a discounted price of £1.34, I certainly didn’t. It’s paired with Mac DeMarco’s ‘2’.

St.Austell – Korev

St.Austell’s florally hopped lager offers something a little different from the majority of mainstream lagers. It meets an pop album that offers the same.

To Øl – Gose To Dim Sum…

To Øl’s lengthily named, Eastern fruit inspired Gose took me by surprise and quickly became a favourite. It’s paired with Kyle Craft’s ‘Dolls of Highland’.

Wibblers – Vanguard

Wibblers’ dark, hoppy ale for a cause meets Billy Bragg’s debut album.

Brewheadz – Dark Wheat Duck

Brewheadz’ bitter, hoppy ale meets the sweet, eighties inspired sounds of Jack Ladder.

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